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Pressing technique: how important is to mark the correct stop position?

Tecnica a pressare: segnatura del tubo

The choice of pressing technique, compared to other systems, simplifies and accelerates the job of the installer during the realization of big plants too. However, the easy installation does not authorize to underestimate any step, simple but essential to create an efficient system.

During the installation, it is necessary to respect prescriptions of the producer contained in the technical catalogue. The technical catalogue of FRABO fittings is available for the download on the company web site from the “Download” section or directly in the page of presentation of every range, at “Documents”.

Among the rules of press fitting installation, to mark the correct stop position is a fundamental and mandatory step but sometimes we do not pay the required attention to it.

So, why is the mark of the pipe so important?

To mark the proper stop position with a permanent marker assures the effective and correct insertion of the pipe in the fitting.

The pipe is inserted in the fitting until the marked stop position. Even a slight shift of position can produce an incorrect junction.

The effects of an incorrect junction could not be detected during the tests but they could occur even long time later, by jeopardizing the tightness of the installation. If the pipe is not in the correct position, forces and tensions generated in the structure could cause the collapse of the installation too.   

It is fundamental to mark carefully the stop position on the pipe with a permanent marker and to pay attention to the correct position of the tube inside the fitting during the pressing, in order to avoid any inconvenience in the short or long term.  


Inserimento del tubo

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