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Impianto solare termico raccordi a pressare

...for a "passive house"

In recent times, the expression “passive house” is always more used. Passive house is a house with the best energy efficiency: it assures the heating wellness without (or with a minimal) heating energy source in the building. 

A way to have a “passive” house is to install a heating solar system, which will be used not only for the production of sanitary hot water, but even for the heating of the house during the winter season.

The solar installation is integrated to the heating systems present inside the building, which are used only as support in case of not sufficient solar heating in order to guarantee a sure and constant comfort in the house.  

In order to heat the house, it is sufficient to integrate to the solar system a water storage tank, which makes possible a high thermal insulation, thanks to the construction used materials, and therefore a constant temperature of the stored water.    

In this way, it will be possible to have hot water inside the system, even with insufficient solar radiation.

It is important not to forget that, as a closed circuit system, it is possible to add additives to the water, which can improve the efficiency of the components.

Besides, we recommend using isolated pipes and having a safe and protect installation of them, when it is possible.

Solar heating plant

For the installation of solar heating systems, FRABO offers the series SOLARPRESS: copper and bronze press fittings, with a special fluoroelastomeric O-ring, created for a good management of high temperatures and particularly heavy work situations.

The comfort during the installation of the plant is very high: it is not necessary to transport welding equipment as in a system made by welding on the roof, and thanks to the installation rapidity of the press technique, even the installation time reduces a lot. 

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