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We are ready for the new edition of the Academy, created in collaboration with Randstad Italia!

What is Bonomi Group Academy? It is a highly professionalizing training course specifically studied and held by internal and external teachers to our companies, created to gradually include young people who, by learning the different concepts, are more prepared for the start of this new job adventure in our group.

In this edition of the Academy, the involved plants will be the ones of Rubinetterie Bresciane in Gussago (BS), of Valpres in Marcheno (BS), of Valbia in Lumezzane (BS) and of Fra.Bo in Quinzano d'Oglio (BS) and in Bordolano (CR). The start will be on 13th September, and the training will end on 8th October 2021.

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you have a high school degree or a qualification and you are looking for a new job experience, in technologically advanced industries, which believe in young people and offer real opportunities for growth, take part in the new edition of Bonomi Group Academy, made in collaboration with Randstad! Apply directly at this LINK