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Academy Bonomi Group

Bonomi Group, in its history, has always paid much attention to continuous training of its employees. Only upgrade and knowledge can optimize processes and innovate. Young people’s new ideas mix with the roots of a strong group, which constantly invests in both internal and external courses and in specialization of its employees.

Following this vision, Bonomi Group Academy starts: a project in partnership with Randstad, the HR services provider, which will involve young people searching new job opportunities.

Selections are open! We look for motivated young people who want to participate to a training course as machine operators, assembly workers and logistics workers in the 4 Italian companies of the group: Rubinetterie Bresciane in Gussago (BS), Valpres in Marcheno (BS), Valbia in Lumezzane (BS) and Fra.Bo in Quinzano d’Oglio (BS) and in Bordolano (CR). 

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