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Bonomi Group si rafforza con Fra.Bo

Bonomi Group, leader in the industrial sector of hydraulics and heating specialized in the production of components for the regulation and interception of fluids and gases, announces the acquisition of 100% of Fra.Bo S.p.A.

Fra.Bo, like Bonomi Group, is a company from Brescia, with a tradition in the production and a deep connection to its land. Fra.Bo S.p.A. was born in 1969 and in its 50 years of history, it has become a leading manufacturer of fittings made of copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, bronze and brass for plumbing and industrial installations.

Aldo Bonomi, Cavaliere del Lavoro, and his brother Carlo Bonomi, who lead Bonomi Group together, comment: “We are proud and happy about the acquisition of Fra.Bo company. It is a strong brand, which has a deep connection to its land, like us; it believes in our same values, made of dedication to work and advanced production processes.

With complementary products to those in our range, which are appreciated both in Italy and abroad, Fra.Bo means a synergy, which will benefit everyone. Our commitment will be oriented to growth, by preserving the identity of the brand and the product”.

After this acquisition, Bonomi Group’s turnover, together with its subsidiaries Rubinetterie Bresciane, Valpres, Valbia, Fra.Bo, Bonomi Deutschland, Bonomi North America, Bonomi UK, Bonomi Brasil, Bonomi China, Bonomi India e Bonomi Russia, is over € 180 million and 500 employees.

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