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The synergy of companies, with different characteristics, working together to achieve great goals and sharing the same values is the essence of Bonomi Group. We are therefore pleased to announce that our group has achieved a new goal by acquiring the company Tecnovielle S.p.A. of Lumezzane (BS), specialized manufacturer of ball valves and brass fittings for polyethylene pipes since 1980, with 23 employees and € 8 million turnover.

Antonio Bontempi, president of Tecnovielle, said: "Our choice was dictated by the need for growth to face the competition with the strength and energy that only belonging to a large group can give us. The solidity and resourcefulness of Bonomi Group, the brand reputation, the vast and widespread expertise are the main features that will allow us to offer the best to customers".

Aldo and Carlo Bonomi, leaders of Bonomi Group, underlined: “This new acquisition will allow us to expand our range, grow further and be more competitive on the national and global market. We are determined to grow and, with this goal, we will continue to invest to carry out our expansion project”.

The companies in Italy of Bonomi Group are now Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi, Valpres, Valbia, Fra.Bo, Quam and Tecnovielle, with more than 600 employees and over € 190 million turnover, to which are added the branches abroad: Bonomi North America, Bonomi Deutschland, Bonomi UK, Bonomi India, Bonomi Brasil, Bonomi Russia and Bonomi China.