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Frabo participates to the 2016 edition of “PMI DAY”

This year too, Frabo will take part to “PMI DAY”, the National Day sponsored by Small and Medium Italian Industry Committee since 2010, during which the small and medium-sized firms across Italy open their doors to young students.

Frabo will welcome the students and teachers of the Industrial Technical Institute of Cremona on 25th of November.

The students will see how the company works and how the products are manufactured. It will also be to the occasion to discover the employed professions and related skills so that the students have an idea of the employment scenario and career opportunities.

The initiative will give students the unique opportunity to get in touch with the working world and see how firms play an important role both in the economy and in society.

This year “PMI DAY” has been achieving a greater success than previous years. 950 Italian companies have joined the event and the total number of participants has been more than 40000, 14000 more than 2015.

PMI Day 2016