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Runnel: the work of art realized with Frabo products for “ArtiDesignImpresa”

logo ArtiDesignImpresa 2015-2016

Frabo participated at the edition 2015/2016 of "ArtiDesignImpresa" (ArtsDesignEnterprise) project by Gianni Maccalli, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Carrara Academy and artistic high school “Bruno Munari” of Crema, whose aim was to create a marriage between the artistic/creative and the productive world and to reinforce the synergies between these realities. The project was sponsored by the Lombardy region government and organized by the municipal administration of Soncino.

ArtiDesignImpresa represents the common border of two worlds where the functional exigency of their business meets the creative action of the young artists.

A transversal project where twenty students followed by their tutors, professors of Brera, have collaborated with the productive reality of the territory using primarily materials and specific technologies of the companies to identify them through a personalized project and recognize a cultural manufacturing innovation.

The purpose was to create art work and objects that allow to source out emotions by creating an emotional design.

To tell Frabo Vision: passion and experience at the service of innovation, was Virginia Lauriola, newly graduated at the academy of Fine Arts of Brera, that perspective disposition of Copper pipes.

It’s a structure that has the aim to exalt both the value and the preciousness of the used material and the function of the products of the company since having a good installation in our own houses is fundamental although it is often undervalued because not visible. A good water installation is the key of comfort of one person within his house. Pipes that form “Runnel” are articulated by decreasing sizes: it begins with an opening point accessible to men until the final element, which considerably approaches the base, as if it slowly gets into the ground.

At the bottom of each pipe there is a light point that illuminates from the ground every element to increase the aesthetic value and the nobility of the material.

ArtiDesignImpresa wants to be a boundary between art and not art, a limit where trying to create an evolution of the ways to produce or reproduce the objectivity of a certain handcraft-industrial reality in a territory.

A sense of the place where the stream of ideas generates a continuous interaction between things and people, and where the design ethic configure processes more than products.

Design is not only a product but a territory of artistic trespassing, a kind of conceptualization where the ideas become the subject of a production search open to the new technologies and new materials, owning creativity marketing.

The works of "ArtiDesignImpresa" 2015/2016