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FRA.BO is pleased to announce the launch of the new range FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO.

FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO is the range of press fittings made of copper and allowing the double use GAS and WATER and complying with EN 549 and EN 681-1.

The whole range is equipped with the patented safety system SECURFRABO. SECURFRABO allows a fast and practical installation of press fittings: if the fitting is not pressed, the particular shape of the O-Ring immediately shows the water leakage.

FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO offers many advantages: inventory reduction and simplification in the management of codes; speed and safety in the installation since it is impossible to exchange the water fittings with those of the gas and vice versa; double yellow  (gas) and blue (water) marking; patented security system SECRUFRABO; certified quality.

With the launch of FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO, FRA.BO confirms its important path of consolidation and its continued ability to innovate.

Frabopress Securfrabo