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Frabopress C-Steel Securfrabo - M

Galvanized carbon steel press fittings - M profile
Frabopress C-Steel Securfrabo - M

Frabopress C-Steel Securfrabo - M

Value for money, lightness, practicality and speed of use make carbon steel press fittings FRABOPRESS C-STEEL SECURFRABO the ideal product in the installations of closed circuit heating/cooling systems, closed circuit water/fire prevention systems (sprinkler), distribution of inert gases and compressed air.

The zinc plating applied to the pipes and fittings guarantees higher corrosion resistance, ensuring reliability over time. FRABOPRESS C-STEEL SECURFRABO press fittings are made of carbon steel (material no. 1.0034) and are electrolytically zinc plated with zinc thicknesses of between 8 and 15 µ with blue chrome-plated passivation.

For more detailed information on products installation and fields of application, it is necessary to refer to the technical data sheets available in the DOWNLOAD section of the website.

Profilo_M  M Profile diametro From 12 to 54 mm

Acciaio_al_Carbonio_(materiale_1.0034_per_i_raccordi_1.0220_per_i_tubi) Carbon steel



EPDM Black -10° / +110° C securfrabo

Pipes to be used

The system pipes are electro-welded using hot zincplated strip with an extra layer of zinc over the soldering. They are therefore zinc-plated inside and outside, hence guaranteeing maximum protection against corrosion. Pipes with only outside galvanisation are also available.

Standards compliance

  • UNI 11179
  • UNI EN 10226-1
  • UNI EN 10305-3


Not suitable for drinking water

The system IS NOT SUITABLE FOR DRINKING WATER, as highlighted on each piece by the special red marking

The system is suitable for closed circuit installations


Indicates the presence of Securfrabo safety system: if fitting is not pressed, the particolar shape of the O-Ring immediately shows the water leakage

  Application Pmax
riscaldamento Heating
(closed circuit)
16 0°/+110°C
raffreddamento Cooling
(closed circuit)
16 -10°/+110°C

Oil free compressed air (residual oil < 5 mg/m³)

up to 16 30°C
altre Sprinkler 16 30°C
  • Quick cold connection
  • Lightness of the piping which means easy assembly and cheap installation
  • Performance that can cover a large number of civil and industrial applications
  • Installations carried out with FRABOPRESS C-STEEL SECURFRABO do not need any further pipe protection or painting (with the exception of the envisaged insulation activities)
  • FRABOPRESS C-STEEL system is equipped with the innovative SECURFRABO system for detecting leaks on unpressed fittings, which constitutes a precious feature for safe testing and for identifying any lack of pressing.


Dimensions Manufacturer Pressing Tool Jaws/Chains
12-28 mm Novopress AFP101 (9.6 V)
ACO102 (12V)
PB1 jaws M profile: 12-28 mm (AFP101/ACO102)
12-54 mm Novopress

ECO201/202/203 (230V)
ACO1 Pressboy (12V)
ACO3 Pressmax (12V)
ACO201 (12V)
ACO202/203 (18V)
EFP2 (230V)
AFP201/202 (14,4V)
ACO202XL (18V)
ACO203XL (18V)

PB2 ECOTEC jaws M profile: 12-35 mm

Chains M profile 42 mm and 54 mm (with ZB201/203 adaptor)

"Snap on" chains M profile 42 mm and 54 mm (with ZB201/ZB203 adaptor)

42-54 mm Novopress ECO301 (230V)
ECO3 Pressmax (230V)

Chains  M profile 42 mm and 54 mm (with ZB302/ZB303 adaptor)

"Snap on" chains M profile 42 mm and 54 mm (with ZB303 adaptor) 

12-28 mm Rothenberger Romax Compact (12V) Romax Compact jaws M profile 12-28 mm
12-54 mm Rothenberger

Romax Pressliner (12V)
Romax Pressliner ECO (12V)
Romax AC Eco (230V)
Romax 3000 (18V)
Romax 4000 (18V)

Rothenberger jaws M profile 12-54 mm

"Snap on" chains M profile 42 mm and 54 mm (with ZBS1 adaptor) 

12-28 mm Klauke Mini (9,6V)
MAP2L Klauke Mini (18V)
Klauke mini jaws 12-28 mm (KSP3) and 28 mm jaws (KSP3)
12-54 mm Klauke UAP2 (12V)
UNP2 (230V)
UP75 (12V)
UAP3L (18V)
UAP4 (12V)
UAP4L (18V)

Klauke jaws: 12-54 (KSP3) and 42-54 chains (KSP3) with SBK4254 adaptor

Novopress chains M profile 42-54 mm and ZB201/ZB203 adaptor

12-54 mm Ridgid RP 10-S (230V)
RP 300 (230V)
RP 300-B (12V)
RP 10-B (12V)
Ridgid jaws M profile 12-54 mm
12-35 mm REMS Mini Press ACC (12V) REMS Mini Press jaws M profile 12-35 mm
12-54 mm REMS Powerpress (2000) (230V)
Powerpress E (230V)
Powerpress ACC (230V)
Akku-Press (12V)
Akku-Press ACC (12V)

REMS Press jaws M profile 12-54 mm

Novopress jaws PB2  M profile 12-35 mm and 42-54 mm chains M profile (with ZB201/ZB203 adaptor) 

12-35 mm Roller Multi-Press Mini ACC (12V) Roller Press Mini jaws M profile 12-35 mm
12-54 mm Roller Roller Uni-Press (230V)
Uni-Press E (230V)
Uni-Press ACC (230V)
Multi-Press (12V)
Multi-Press ACC (12V)

Roller jaws M profile 12-35 mm

Novopress jaws (PB2 M profile) 12-35 mm and 42-54 mm chains M profile (with ZB201/ZB203 adaptor)

12-54 mm Geberit PWH 75 Novopress jaws M profile:12-35 mm
Novopress chains M profile 42 and 54 mm (with ZB201/203 adaptor)

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