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Copper endfeed fittings for oxygen, technical and medical gas distribution
Saldatura Soldering

diametro From 6 to 133 mm

Rame_CW024A Copper CW024A

Degreasing treatment on the surfaces

Pipes to be used

Copper pipes according to EN 13348

Standards compliance

  • UNI EN 13348
  • UNI EN 1412
  • UNI EN ISO 15001
  • UNI EN ISO 7396-1

Oxygen, technical and medical gas distribution systems are the perfect fields of application of FRABO MED fittings, in which the perfect cleaning of internal surface is a fundamental requirement.

Fields of application
medicale Distribution plants of medical gases (according to UNI EN 737) and distribution plants of Oxygen


  • Subject to special washing treatment.
  • Compliance with EN 1254-1, UNI EN 15001 and UNI EN ISO 7396-1. 
  • Every shipment of material is provided with a declaration of conformity and a specific label with references to standards.
  • pdf
    1- Ficha técnica - FRABO MED
  • pdf
    2- Declaración de Conformidad - FRABO MED

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