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Pressing units

Accessories for multilayer and metal press systems


Crimping machine with battery ACO203XL Novopress

The pressing tool ACO203XL sets new standards in the area of compatible pressings. Versatile applicable – 12 –108 mm for metal applications resp. 14 –110 mm for plastic applications. In comparison to its predecessor its handling is easier due to considerable savings in weight – only 3.9 kg. It is possible to use all authorised compatible jaws in the market with this tool. The XL-pressing tool of the new generation 203 makes faster pressings possible and achieves 40 % more pressing cycles per battery charge* due to its higher efficiency.


  • Lighter and handier *
  • 12-108 mm with only one pressing tool (all materials)
  • 40 % more pressings per battery charge *
  • Rotatable head
  • Back stroke limitation - fast pressing with compatible jaws by an adaptable piston stroke
  • Less need for maintenance due to new motor technology

* in comparison to its predecessor ACO202XL

Dimension Metal 12÷108 mm
Piston force 32 kN
Piston stroke 80 mm (opt. 40 mm)
Weight incl. Battery 3,9 kg
Length 460 mm
Width 83 mm
Height 113 mm
Power consumption 450 W
Battery 18 V / 3.0 Ah Li-Ion
Battery capacity up to 250 press cycles
Charging time 60 min
technical details

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