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Pressing units

Accessories for multilayer and metal press systems


Pressing Unit ECO301 Novopress

The pressing unit ECO301 with its compact dimensions stands for best results on press- fitting joints from 42 up to 108 mm. The complete pressing process is driven and monitored by a microprocessor and ensures constantly optimal pressing performance.

Easy handling and ergonomic design permit easy access even to the tightest pressing points. The electronic monitoring of the jaw-lockingbolt and the automatic return after completion of the pressing joint are approved Novopress standards. Short pressing cycles, irrespective of the nominal dimensions, ensure quick and economic work process. The pressing unit ECO301 is a tool for safe pressing of all common copper, carbon steel, stainless steel and multilayer-press-fitting systems.


  • Compact dimensions
  • Short pressing cycles ensure quick and economic work process
  • Complete pressing process driven and monitored by a microprocessor
  • With jaw-locking-bolt and automatic returns
Diameters  from 42 to 108 mm 
Weight 5,0 kg
Length 420 mm
Width 85 mm
Height  110 mm
Power consumption  560 W
Piston force  45 kN
Piston stroke  45 mm 
technical details

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