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Fra.Bo sales conditions

General conditions of sale

    These terms and conditions are the only source of the purchase contract, that the customer unconditionally accepts. Any addition or modification on these conditions will have no effect on Fra.Bo S.p.A. if not expressly approved in writing.
    2.1 All orders must be put into writing and accepted in writing by Fra.Bo S.p.A. by order confirmation.

    2.2 Ordered quantities will be automatically rounded to the package.
    As “delivery date” we consider the day on which goods are delivered to the courier or made available to the customer for collection. The delay in the delivery of products can never be considered a source of compensation for damages, nor for the dissolution of the contract.
    The prices of the products and the payment terms applied, will be those indicated in our order confirmation. In case of overdue payments, the buyer will have to pay default interests as provided by law.
    Goods are sold “ex-factory” and they travel at the own risk of the customer, unless otherwise indicated in writing. Therefore, the transport is never insured, if not expressly required by the customer and the relative burden is at the customer’s expense.
    6.1 The purchaser is obliged to carefully examine and check the products upon receipt of the same, expressing reserve on the delivery note if needed: any complaint regarding the quality and any possible defect of the products received will be precluded to the purchaser without proper notification.

    6.2 Complaints concerning the quality and the quantity of the goods must be made in writing within eight days. In case of confirmed complaints Fra.Bo will proceed with the replacement or with the integration of the defective or missing item, without the right to recast damages of any kind.
    7.1 All possible returns must be agreed in advance. The return request must be made through the appropriate form “return authorization” (available on the website 
    www.frabo.com) which must be duly filled-out and sent to Fra.Bo S.p.A. claims@frabo.com.
    The acceptance will eventually be authorized in writing. Returns not agreed in advance will not be accepted.

    7.2 Returns for wrong ordering (excluding special productions) will be accepted as return, applying a 30% charge on the invoice amount. It is understood that the material must be intact in all its components.

    7.3 The obsolete material of Fra.Bo S.p.A. can be collected by crediting the pure cost of the raw material.
    Sales of Fra.Bo products are submitted to the agreement of retention of title. Therefore, the products will belong to Fra.Bo S.p.A. until the buyer’s total payment of the price.
    The purchaser commits not to divulge to third parties any information of a commercial or technical nature or concerning industrial property rights (including but not limited to drawings, models, technical data sheets, projects) of which the purchaser learnt about during the business relationship with Fra.Bo S.p.A.
    The contract will be governed by the Italian law. For any controversy deriving from the execution or interpretation of the contract the Court of Brescia, Italy, will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Download the PDF version

returned item authorisation form

Click on the picture here below, download the returned items authorization and fill it out in its entirely.
This form must then be sent to the following e-mail address: claims@frabo.com

We kindly ask you to pack up appropriately the defective material to avoid any possible damage in transit. It is also necessary to fill out this form in its entirely, indicating in detail the noticed anomaly.

Upon control of the rejected goods and after having checked possible responsibilities of Fra.Bo, the quality dept of Fra.Bo will authorize (through the sales dept) the credit, the repair or the replacement of the goods. If the claim won’t be accepted, goods will be sent back to the customer or scrapped (prior customer’s authorization).