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  • Reference: China wholesale center
  • Place: Padova - Italy
  • Reference type: new building
  • Area of use: private building for commercial use
  • Type of plant: heating and cooling
  • Fittings material: carbon steel (material no. 1.0034)
  • Conveyed fluid: water
  • Installer company: FRATELLI NALIN​

The China wholesale center is a citadel for the wholesale trade. It is located in the commercial area of Padua, in Corso Stati Uniti street, a large scroll artery which is connected with major road-junctions and highways in the city.

The complex has been built in the area that previously hosted the glorious productive OMS site: the “Officine Meccaniche della Stanga”, a company born in 1920 that operated in the railways construction. The current structure has been realized in two different phases, first by building up the street portions in 2006, and then the remaining ones in 2009, covering a 70 thousand square meters area.

There are currently more than 100 commercial companies within the CIC, particularly in the clothing, handbags, jewelry, footwear, toys, electrical equipment and appliances business.

The heating and cooling plant of the China wholesale center was made with FRABOPRESS C-STEEL SECURFRABO press fittings. The plumber decided to use carbon steel fittings as the plant was a closed circuit system not conveying drinking water. 

Among all metals used in heating and plumbing, carbon steel allows the realization of systems in a quick and extremely economical way. FRABOPRESS C-STEEL SECURFRABO pipes and fittings are made from hotrolled steel sheet. The rigorous 100% inspection and the accurate zinc-plating treatment guarantee safe and reliable

FRABOPRESS C-STEEL SECURFRABO fittings are characterised by a special high resistance zinc-plating system. This treatment considerably increases the oxidation time of standard corrosive agents.

There are many advantages by using FRABOPRESS C-STEEL SECURFRABO fittings for the realization of heating and cooling plants: speed of operation, easy installation and  perfect seal.

FRABOPRESS C-STEEL SECURFRABO fittings are equipped with the new SECURFRABO system patented by FRABO for a fast and practical installation of press fittings.

If fitting is not pressed, the particular shape of the O-Ring immediately shows the water leakage.

The convenience of the system is granted: the installation is prepared and pressed, the water flows into the system and, if there is a leak, it means the fitting has not been pressed.

Thanks to SECURFRABO the non-pressed joints are immediately visible and SECURFRABO allows a prompt and timely intervention before or during the final test. This one can be done both with water and with compressed air. 

  • Centro Ingrosso Cina Padova
  • Centro Ingrosso Cina Padova
  • Centro Ingrosso Cina
Frabopress C-Steel


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