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FRA.BO sponsors of the Prize "Women Leaders in 2015– She Made A Difference”

premio-donna-leaderOn Friday, October 16 there will be the eighth edition of the Women Leaders - She Made a Difference, award given to women who have distinguished themselves for their careers, for talent, passion and energy devoted to pursue their own goals in life and work.

This important recognition is given by EWMD - European Women's Management Development International Network, the association present in 14 countries in Europe and in the rest of the world and which has always been committed to a greater gender balance in the workplace, for increasing the number of women in job positions of responsibility and for a work-life balance more sustainable.

"Women who receive the award - says Daniela Bandera, National President of EWMD - are women of great value that have been able to combine the times of their lives in a flexible manner, without losing sight of their own self-realization. They are women who every year teach us, thanks to their example, something new because they come from different backgrounds, but mostly because they are compared with and have overcome various difficulties. They are all women who have the courage of their ideas and who are able to overcome cultural stereotypes, unlocking the potential they bring. "

FRA.BO, an Italian company founded in 1969 by Bonetti brothers and among the leading companies in the production of fittings for plumbing systems, will be among the main sponsors of this event.