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FRA.BO will be among the protagonists of PMI DAY, the National Day sponsored by the Small and Medium Italian Industry Committee, which opens the door for small and medium-sized enterprises of Confindustria to students and teachers for company visits and meetings.

On Friday, November 13 FRA.BO host young students and teachers to show in detail how the business of the company is performed, how the products are manufactured and describe career opportunities. For FRA.BO training represents a fundamental value and initiatives of this type allow to create and strengthen relationships with the local schools.

Despite the crisis that has hit the market in recent years, FRA.BO, among the leading companies in the production of fittings for plumbing systems, has developed considerably in the last three years, going from 77 employees in 2011 to 100 at the end of 2014. In 2015, the company has continued its growth by hiring new professionals and by 2016 Frabo plans to continue to enrich its staff with additional recruitment.

PMI Day Frabo 2015