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Avoid corrosion in carbon steel press fitting systems

Evitare corrosione impianti acciaio al carbonio

Stainless steel has a better resistance to corrosion and better mechanical characteristics than carbon steel but it costs more than carbon steel.

For this reason, carbon steel is widely used in closed-circuit systems where, normally, there is no exchange of oxygen and so no risk of corrosion. 

Very little quantity of oxygen can penetrate in the plant during the filling or the refills. This has practically no impact because the quantity of oxygen is negligible in comparison with the total metal surface inside the pipe.

The FRABOPRESS C-STEEL pipes/fittings are protected against the external corrosion thanks to their zinc coat. However, if the  humidity is in contact with the system components  for  an extended period, phenomenon of external corrosion can occur.

The external PP coat is an efficient additional protection against external corrosion in FRABOPRESS C-STEEL pipes. On the contrary, it is possible to protect the fitting by using:

  • Coatings with closed-cell expanded elastomer insulating materials;
  • Corrosion resistant bandages;
  • Varnishing.

It is very important to pay attention to avoid the presence of water, dirt or condensation during the transport and the storage.

Besides, it is very important to put in service the plant soon after the water test of the system in order to avoid waterlogging.

If it is not possible, it is recommended to do the test by using air or inert gas.

Coated pipe - tubo rivestito
C-Steel fittings


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