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Big-size press fittings in industrial plants

Raccordi a pressare big-size impianti industriali

In what industrial plants is it possible to use big-size press fittings?

Press fittings are always more used in industrial plants. In particular, Big-size press fittings are perfect even for large-scale plants, thanks to their diameter (available until 108 mm).

There are many typologies of industrial plants. Thanks to the range wideness and the availability in 4 different material (copper, bronze, stainless steel and carbon steel), Big-size press fittings can be used in:

  • Riscaldamento industriale

    heating and cooling industrial plants

  • Impianto trattamento acque

    water treatment plants

  • Aria compressa

    compressed air plants

  • Impianti industriali

    heat transfer

  • Torri raffreddamento

    chilled water plants

why big-size press fittings are the right choice?

There are many advantages to using press fittings in industrial plants.

First, the installation speed, with an immediate timesaving and work productivity increase in plant installation and maintenance.

The pressing does not need soldering, so gas containers or tanks are not necessary. As a result, there will be no fire danger even in the most delicate situation, for example in chemical factories or factories where flammable materials are used.

There is no need of special permit because there is no use of naked flame. Besides, there are even economic advantages because there is no need to use soldering materials.

Press fittings minimize sources of errors and costs.

Frabo high-quality system is certified ISO 9001 and Big-size series are certified and approved by the most important European certification bodies.

  • Frabopress Big-Size

    Frabopress Big-Size

    Material: copper / bronze

    Application: all types of water distribution plants (drinking water, industrial or process water, treated water, rainwater, fire prevention systems), heating and cooling, compressed air distribution systems.


    dvgw  izv


  • Frabopress 316 Big-Size

    Frabopress 316 Big-Size

    Material:  AISI 316L stainless steel

    Applications: drinking water feeding and distribution systems, industrial water plants, treated water, wastewater, rainwater or fire prevention systems


    dvgw  izv


  • Frabopress C-Steel Big-Size

    Frabopress C-Steel Big-Size

    Material: C-Steel

    Applications: heating and cooling closed-circuit plants, compressed air and inert gas distribution systems, sprinkler.


    CSTBat izv  zu


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