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Difference between red O-ring and green O-ring

Impianto solare termico

Frabo fittings do not distinguish themselves only for the wide range of used materials, available figures and measures. Inside the fittings, gaskets are fundamental elements, which define the application field and the tightness of the system. Frabo knows it and offers wide possibility of choice even for the sealing elements. Each O-ring has a specific colour, to have an easy distinction by the installer.

Today we will focus on the red O-ring, the green O-ring and their differences.

Both the gaskets are in FKM material but with different compounds: this means different fields of applications.

O-Ring Verde FKM

green O-RING FKM

The green gasket has a high heat resistance: it is allowed the use up to 160°C, with peaks up to 200°C for short periods.

For this reason, its ideal collocation is in FRABO SOLARPRESS, the range purpose-developed for solar installations, high-temperature water distribution systems, low-pressure steam installations. 

O-Ring rosso FKM

red O-RiNG FKM

The red gasket, thanks to its particular mix, has a high resistance to aggressive fluids.

For example, if the system distributes mineral oils or hydrocarbon oils, the red O-ring will be the right choice to guarantee the maximum tightness.   

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