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Testing and operation of sanitary systems

Collaudo impianti acqua sanitaria

Civil construction technologies are increasingly oriented toward the adoption of in-wall pipes and fittings so that the system and its components are not visible in any way. 

The FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO fittings can be placed in the wall without any problem with regard to water distribution or heating installations. A preventive test of the system must be carried out before it is integrated into the construction structure.

The test, almost established by the totality of the good practice rules, has two specific objectives:

  • to verify that there are no leaks in correspondence with the junctions;
  • to ensure that the heat expansions do not cause difficulties. 

The consideration of the in-wall installation of pipelines as common practice is now also valid for sanitary systems.  

However, in this case, special care must be taken since as well as the seal tests on the system, for an installation performed in a workmanlike manner, the following operations must be envisaged:

  1. pre-washing the pipes, i.e. removing foreign bodies before the taps are installed;
  2. extensive washing with the taps installed;
  3. disinfection using gaseous chlorine or a sodium hypochlorite solution;
  4. final rinsing with drinking water. 

As well as these operations which clearly aim to create the best hygiene conditions inside the pipes, the seal tests must be performed on the system, which can be summarised as follows:

  1. 1. cold hydraulic test to be performed on the whole distribution of hot and cold water before assembling the taps and before the masonry work, keeping the pipes at a pressure of 1.5 times higher than the operating pressure with a minimum of 6 bar, for no less than 4 hours; 
  2. hot hydraulic test, to be performed exclusively on distributions of hot water with centralised production, at the operating pressure, for no less than two consecutive hours, at an initial temperature of at least 10°C higher than the maximum operating temperature that can be reached;
  3. circulation and insulation tests on the hot water distribution network with no supply, if possible to be performed at the coldest time of year; The test is considered positive when a temperature difference of less than or equal to 2 °C is measured between the start of the hot water production system and the furthest branch;
  4. cold water supply test, for 30 consecutive minutes, making all the supply openings envisaged work at the same time;
  5. hot water supply test for more than 60 minutes, making all the openings except one work;
  6. checking the hot water supply flow rate; the test must be performed with all the supply openings working at the same time.
Frabopress Securfrabo

frabopress securfrabo

FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO is the only press fitting system in copper and bronze allowing the double use for gas and water

FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO is equipped with SECURFRABO, the security patented system by FRABO.

If fitting is not pressed the particular shape of the O-Ring immediately shows the water leakage. 

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