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Difference between Serie 5000 solder fittings and G-Size

Frabo Serie 5000 vs. G-Size

They are both CW024A copper solder fittings and they comply both with UNI EN 1254-1 standard but they are very different because FRABO G-Size fittings have an increased wall-thickness than Serie 5000 Copper Solder fittings which, guarantees the best tightness even in high pressure or in mechanical stress conditions.

FRABO G-Size fittings are perfect for industrial refrigeration systems, compressed air systems and technical gases distribution systems.

On the contrary, Serie 5000 Copper Solder is recommended for application meant for traditional wall-thickness fittings as drinking water distribution systems, sanitary water and gas systems, cooling and heating systems.

In the following table, there is the comparison between the highest allowed working pressures for FRABO G-Size fittings and Serie 5000 Copper Solder fittings.

Serie 5000 Copper Solder fittings

frabo Serie 5000 Copper solder

Pressioni max raccordi serie 5000

The highest pressures and working temperatures comply with EN 1254-1 standard. Intermediate pressure values can be obtained by interpolation.


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