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What is passivation?

Passivation is an intrinsic property of stainless steel, which makes the material corrosion resistant even in particularly aggressive environments.

This phenomenon causes the formation of a superficial film of oxygen, absorbed after the oxidation reaction of the chrome, present in the alloy, in contact with the oxygen, which is in the air, in the water or in other sources.

A steel is considered a stainless steel if it has the minimum content of chrome defined by the EN 10088-1 standard. The minimum content is fixed at 10.5%, by weight.      

In order to have oxidation, it is very important to have an environment, which is as free as possible of pollutants, metal dusts, chlorides, fluorides, sulphur, etc.

Stainless steel quality

The characteristic of passivation makes stainless steel a material particularly suitable for open-air installation, without the necessity of protective film application.

The English word stainless (literally “without stain”) comes exactly from the property of these materials, which can oxidize without rust in natural and open-air environments.  

Stainless steel, thanks to its high mechanical resistance, is particularly appreciated by the designers and installers when the corrosion resistance is a very important element. It is even the most appreciated material for drinkable water and food installations.

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Press fittings INOX

Stainless steel FRABO press fittings

Frabo offers 3 ranges of EN 1.4404 316L AISI stainless steel fittings. They associates the well-known advantages of press system (with a safer and faster installation) to the benefits of the material:


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