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Collaudo impianti riscaldamento

Civil construction technologies are increasingly oriented toward the adoption of in-wall pipes and fittings so that the system and its components are not visible in any way. 

The FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO fittings can be placed in the wall without any problem in water distribution or heating installations. A preventive test of the system must be carried out before it is integrated into the construction structure.

The test, almost established by the totality of the good practice rules, has two specific objectives:

  • to verify that there are no leaks in correspondence with the junctions;
  • to ensure that the heat expansions do not cause difficulties. 


The heating systems are typically realized through the installation of in-wall pipes. Before the completion of masonry work, some preliminary tests must be done to verify each junction’s seal.

These are described below in detail: 

  1. leakage test immediately after hook-up and subjection to pressure of 10 N/cm² greater than the normal  operating pressure; the seal will be verified after the solicitation of the junctions, and a period of time not less than 15 minutes.
  2. flushing
  3. circulation test
  4. expansion test with circulation of water at 95 °C
  5. second leakage test like the previous one
Frabopress Securfrabo

frabopress securfrabo

FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO is the only press fitting system in copper and bronze allowing the double use for gas and water

FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO is equipped with SECURFRABO, the security patented system by FRABO.

If fitting is not pressed the particular shape of the O-Ring immediately shows the water leakage.


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