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The purity of drinking and sanitary water is a fundamental element and linked to human health. The hygiene of industrial and civil installations must be checked and guaranteed thanks to periodical controls.

Indeed, during its cycle of life, an installation can be subjected to possible contaminations by micro-bacteria or pollutants. In these situations, it is necessary to do a disinfection treatment.

By focusing on stainless steel plumbing installations, one useful and really used technique is the treatment with chlorine compounds. These substances, if not correctly used during the process, can generate various damages.

FRABOPRESS 316 SECURFRABO and FRABOPRESS 316 BIG-SIZE are FRABO ranges suitable for drinking water systems. Thanks to the high-quality material and to specific washing operations, the fittings of these ranges have already hygienic characteristics and micro-bacteria resistance. However, it is important to underline that, it is always necessary a correct and oculate maintenance and disinfection of the installations in order to avoid any risk of contamination.

 In fact, chlorine disinfectants can damage the anticorrosive properties of stainless steel and generate oxidation. For these reasons, an accurate washing must follow all the disinfection operations.

Attention! It is necessary to have no presence of chlorine or its compounds in any area of the installation, for this reason, the washing operations must be copious and accurate.

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