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Frabo - Kaizen - Lean

Frabo has decided to adopt the “Kaizen” work method. KAIZEN is the result of the two Japanese words KAI (change, improvement) and ZEN (good, better).

Kaizen is a methodology for continuous improvement initially presented by Toyota. Step by step the whole company is committed to the reduction of processes that do not create value-added to products.

Originally presented by Toyota, Kaizen is a methodology for the continuous improvement in the whole company in order to reduce all processes that do not create added value to products.

As far as production management is concerned, Kaizen relates to Lean Production with the purpose of:

  • Satisfying customers
  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Improving safety and working conditions
  • Improving  and better organizing business processes

For Frabo it means:

  • Manufacture without waste and defects
  • Properly manage the inventory
  • Avoid waiting
  • Avoid overproduction
  • Optimize transports and internal handlings

In order to reach these goals, Frabo adopted the P-D-C-A (Plan-Do-Check-Act) methodology, a universal methodology that allows to rigorously and systematically deal with any activities, in particular those related to problem solving

One of the intervention adopted by Frabo is the introduction of a scheduler for workflows. This improvement reduced waiting times between different machines along the production process.

Another important intervention has been the redesign of the layout of internal handlings in the production area, which allowed an optimization of resources usage and an improvement of productivity.

Frabo has also adopted the 5S methodology, which resumes in 5 steps a systematic and repeatable method for the optimization of working standards and the improvement of operating performances.

One example is the organization of the working areas with spaces dedicated to the storage of equipment and auxiliary materials. Centralized warehouse management was given up and all auxiliary materials and equipment are now placed near the production machines and stowed in order to be easily identifiable when needed and according to the item to be produced. 

The introduction of Kaizen method confirms Frabo’s engagement to act responsibly towards individuals, communities and environment reducing the waste of resources (human, raw materials, services).