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Frabo's Copper fittings become exclusive jewels

Gioielli Frabo in rame e bronzo

Frabo launches a limited collection of jewelry made with the copper and bronze fittings produced by the company.

Copper has always been at the center of Frabo production and a distinctive element that characterizes the quality of the company’s products. Now copper becomes the protagonist of a line of handcrafted jewelry. Designer Paola Coccia has made these unique and original jewels. She tells us how the project was born:

"Copper and bronze fittings, for their smooth surfaces, creating accurate reflections and shadows, can easily be attributable to gold and silver surfaces silver jewelry.

However, this comparison is easy only at first sight, as I found out that fittings have very Spartan lines. This difficulty lasted until I cannot find a common thread, a concept that combines the "protagonists", the fittings, with the "key people", the jewelry materials.

In fact, I thought that the fittings, combined with tubes, lead hot and cold water. In jewelry I designed the water is gushing from the fittings through materials and colors that recall it, colors like white, light blue and blue - cold water - and yellow, orange and red - hot water .

The materials can be creased or pleated fabrics, pearls, semiprecious stones, metal nets, tapes, bamboo, wood, copper and brass, rope and jute. These are all simple materials but clean, sincere and direct, as the water is. "

The price of jewelry is available upon request. For information : info@frabo.com