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Frabopress 316 has obteined the OVGW certification

FRABOPRESS 316 SECURFRABO and FRABOPRESS 316 GAS press fittings have obtained the OVGW certification for both their profile: V and M.

Another very important step for FRABOPRESS 316 SECURFRABO and FRABOPRESS 316 GAS stainless steel press fittings which have already obtained German DVGW certification.

OVGW certification guarantees the compliance of FRABOPRESS 316 GAS press fittings with QS-G 100 and QS-G 314 Austrian quality requirement and test protocols for use in GAS distribution systems.

Besides, this certification guarantees the compliance of FRABOPRESS 316 SECURFRABO fittings with QS-W 402 Austrian quality requirements and test protocols: hygienic and non-toxicity requirements for use in drinking water installation are fulfilled.    

FRABOPRESS 316 SECURFRABO fittings have SECURFRABO security system, which allows an easy, quick and safe installation thanks to the special O-Ring: it allows the leak if wrong pressed.

Thanks to SECURFRABO, it is possible to recognize easily wrong pressing points and take actions with the consequent reduction of mistakes or possible forgetfulness which can affect the system tightness over time.

Download of certification will be available soon.

Frabopress 316 OVGW



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