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FRABOPRESS 316 SECURFRABO has obtained the CSTB certification

FRABOPRESS 316 SECURFRABO stainless steel press fittings has obtained the CSTB certification from the French Certification Authority.

The O-Ring used for FRABOPRESS 316 SECURFRABO press fittings is characterized by high chemical and physical performances and satisfies the hygienic requirements for drinking water applications, complying with UNI 11179 Class 1 standard.

FRABOPRESS 316 SECURFRABO fittings are equipped with SECURFRABO, the patented security system for a fast and practical installation of press fittings. If fitting is not pressed, the particular shape of the O-Ring immediately shows the water leakage.

Thanks to SECURFRABO the non-pressed joints are immediately visible and SECURFRABO allows a prompt and timely intervention before or during the final test.

Download of certification will be available soon.

Frabopress 316 Securfrabo CSTBat