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The family is growing: new copper and bronze M profile

NEW M profile


The press fitting system combines the extreme reliability of the joints with the easy and quick way of laying, as it does not need any gluing, threading or welding. The speed of execution and the elimination of all materials related to welding allow immediate time saving and economic advantages.

Thanks to its long-term experience in the production of press fittings, FRABO expands its range of copper and bronze press fittings, offering in addition to the V profile, the new series with M Profile. 


Both “M” and “V” profiles properly answer to the need of quality and speed in modern plumbing installations. In terms of performance, the two profiles are equivalent.

What sets them apart are the technical aspects.

The most visible one is the presence, in V Profile, of the “collar” located after the O-ring seat.

By proposing both M and V Profile, Frabo’s copper and bronze steel press fittings offer a solution to all technical needs.

Frabopress H2O Securfrabo M


FRABOPRESS H2O SECURFRABO M is a press-fitting system made of copper and bronze suitable for different WATER applications thanks to the high performance of black O-Ring in EPDM. The O-Ring ensures a total reliability of the installation and it is certified according to EN681-1 standard (water). 

FRABOPRESS H2O SECURFRABO M can be used in lots of hydraulic and sanitary installations: sanitary and drinking water distribution, heating installations, walls installations, distribution of cool water for air conditioning, compressed air systems.

Frabopress GAS M

frabopress gas m press fittings

FRABOPRESS GAS M is the press-fitting system made of copper and bronze with yellow HNBR O-Ring suitable for domestic installations of Natural Gas and LPG. The special O-Ring ensures a total tightness of the joint tube-press fitting and it is certified according to EN549

FRABOPRESS GAS M range is available in different shapes and sizes are for an easier, quicker and safe installation. 


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