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MyFRABO, the new reserved area of our website www.frabo.com , is on line. MyFRABO is an innovative tool that allows our customers to take advantage of exclusive functionalities and improve their shopping experience.

Thanks to my MyFRABO you can: 

  • Carry out orders easily and quickly. Items can be selected by using a wizard that shows series and products pictures or with drop down menus. If products code is known, it is also possible to digit it. When all products, desired quantity and preferred delivery date are filled in, order can be sent. Our back office will process it within the next 2 working days.


  • View the order history (made by website or in traditional mode) and download invoices.


  • Download extra contents like PDF price lists...

MyFRABOLogin to MyFRABO is simply! Click on the button in the upper left side of every website page. 

Only for the first login you will be asked to insert your VAT number, Tax code or e-mail address and your Customer ID indicated in the invoices and choose a password that allows to create your account.

From “My Account” section, it will be possible to set your e-mail address. Next login to MyFRABO can be done by using e-mail and password.

MyFRABO reflects the will of FRABO to offer a service closest to the needs of our customers.