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DVGW and FRABO have decided to find an extrajudicial agreement to end the pending litigation lasted more than 10 years

Frabo DWGW

DVGW and FRABO have decided to find an extrajudicial agreement to end the pending litigation lasted more than 10 years

FRA.BO, an Italian company founded in Brescia in 1969 by the Bonetti brothers and current leading manufacturer of fittings for plumbing systems, announces today the resolution of the over ten-year-long lawsuit with DVGW – the Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas- und Wasserfaches which is responsible for establishing technical regulations for gas and water distribution, promoting research and education, carrying out tests, and releasing certifications.

DVGW and FRABO have decided to find an extrajudicial agreement to end the pending litigation which is still being examined by the Bundesgerichtshof. The litigation refers to FRABOPRESS, a set of copper and bronze press fittings for thermo-hydraulic installations suitable both for gas and water installations. The agreement validates the important growth and internationalization process of the Italian company, which has characterized the history of FRABO in recent times. Furthermore, it lays the foundations for a more and more significant presence of FRABO on the German market. “The agreement ends a ten-year litigation, during which FRABO has strenuously defended the right to the free movement of goods – not just for itself, but for all Italian SMEs.

FRABO’s goal was to see its products recognized as legitimate, and to be able to export to any market. Our perseverance led to the Court of Justice of the European Union accepting FRABO’s arguments in 2012, and is today allowing us to lay the foundations to conquer a strategic market like Germany” – declared Manuela Bonetti, CEO of FRABO. Thanks to a long-standing experience and to a successful management – the company is currently led by the second generation of the Bonetti family – FRABO has consolidated its presence on the market, reaching significant goals.

Among them, revenues of almost 30 million euros, a constant growth, and a highlevel productive capacity, which includes 25 product categories, 5,000 items made of 6 materials, and products with unique and distinctive features such as FRABOPRESS, the first fitting suitable for water and gas which has revolutionized the world of copper fittings. “I’m very proud and satisfied with the goals that FRABO has reached in the last few months” – adds Manuela Bonetti.

“Despite a particularly difficult economic landscape, in which many companies in the industry have experience a reduction in their market shares, our company has managed to win its challenge by maintaining a strong positioning on the Italian market. In fact, thanks to its focus on innovation, with investments that amount to 10% of revenues in 2015, it has reached a total of 100 employees. Simultaneously, we have experienced a major growth abroad and are now selling in 30 countries, and we have reached significant growth rates in multiple markets.”

“Today’s success not only allows us to look at the future with greater confidence, but confirms once more that FRABO has everything that it takes to satisfy more and more customers, thanks to a quality and high-level range with unique characteristics. FRABOPRESS is nothing but an example of our – made in Italy – innovation capacity; therefore, we are sure that thanks to our ability to drive product innovation, in the near future we’ll be able to expand our presence on the German market, which – being the first European market for fittings sales – represents a great potential for a further growth of FRABO” – concludes Manuela Bonetti.