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Frabo 50 anni

2019 will be the date of a very important step for Frabo. One of the many achievements in 50 years of evolution. Since 1969, we have seen many changes, a continuous growth, where the strong values of the company and of the people, which compose it, have always been present. The land identity, passion, family, team, commitment and, above all, people.

These values are a great part of Frabo DNA, values, which are the push into the future. A developing, improving, expanding future. A future where everyone will be part of Frabo history.

To tell this trip, we chose an image, a mark, which will follow us throughout 2019, to remember, but above all, to celebrate another achievement.

50 years of history synthetically represented by this celebratory mark

The orange of the number 50 stands for wisdom, equilibrium and ambition, which are values present in Frabo history since the beginning; the black, in the word “anni”, is a sign of distinction and solidity. 

These two colours, together, have always identified the company.

Italian identity: the word “anni” is purposely written in Italian. The years “1969-2019” are bordered by the colour of the Italian flag, evidence of Frabo deep connection to the land, where the company was born and continues to produce, by never delocalising, but even reference to “made in Italy”, of which Frabo is ambassador in every destination country of its products.  

The logo closes with the lettering FRABO, which underlines and keeps the company’s identity alive and strong.



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