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Boutique & Spa Hotel in Fai della Paganella


  • Job Reference: Boutique & Spa Hotel​

  • Place: Fai della Paganella - Italy

  • Reference type: new building

  • Area of use: private building

  • Type of plant: heating


  • Fittings material: Carbon steel

  • Conveyed fluid: water

heating system

In the wonderful setting of Fai della Paganella, there is this boutique & Spa hotel, which has quality, wellness and sustainability in its DNA.

For its heating system, this amazing facility chose the efficiency and reliability of FRABOPRESS C-STEEL SECURFRABO, the c-steel pressfitting range.

With Securfrabo patented security system, which shows leakage of fluid during the test in case of non-pressed fittings, there is no possibility of mistake and the efficiency is assured.

The zinc plating applied to the pipes and fittings guarantees higher corrosion resistance, ensuring reliability over time.

Besides, the choice of pressing technique made operations safe and quick, even if it is a big installation.

Frabopress C-Steel Securfrabo



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