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  • Reference: "Francesco Ciusa" high school
  • Place: Nuoro, Sardinia - Italy
  • Reference type: renovation
  • Area of use: public building
  • Type of plant: heating
  • Fittings material: carbon steel (material no. 1.0034)
  • Conveyed fluid: water

  • Installer Company: TATTI IMPIANTI

To modernize the heating system of "Francesco Ciusa" Higher Education Institute in Nuoro, Tatti Impianti Company chose to use the galvanized carbon steel pipe and fittings system of FRABOPRESS C-STEEL SECURFRABO line.

Being a school building, the use of press fittings was a winning choice because it allowed the installer to make the joints without the need for welding with consequent absence of fire hazard.

Furthermore, the use of carbon steel pipes and fittings and the absence of burns and halos in the joints have made it possible to obtain an excellent visual impact.

Before the intervention, the plant presented two critical issues:

  • Excessive consumption due to the impossibility to set automatically the various areas of the building despite the different operating hours (classrooms, laboratories, course area, bar, library, technical classrooms, offices)
  • Overall wear of the main underground lines that had already involved several repairs and forced to eliminate non-repairable plant parts
  • Starting from the boiler room, the entire distribution network was renewed, including the collectors, by creating three complete main areas equipped with inverter circulators and mixing valve.

    Each zone was connected to 11 sub-zones equipped with two-way motorized valves and a calibration and balancing valve.

    Each of these sub-zones communicates the room temperature to the control panel.

    The operation of the heating system is automatically managed after evaluating all the data and the operating hours.

  • All the pipes connected to the radiators and those inside the classrooms and placed below 2.5 meters, were laid bare in order to contribute to the heating of the classrooms and prevent damage to the insulation.

  • While in the corridors, above the 2.5 m, the pipes were coated with an elastomer insulator, protected with embossed aluminium in order to minimize heat loss.

Raccordi e tubi acciaio al carbonio

frabopress c-steel

FRABOPRESS C-STEEL allows the realization of systems in a quick and economical way. The tubes and fittings are made from hot-rolled steel sheet and characterized by a special high resistant zinc-plating system, which considerably increases the oxidation time of standard corrosive agents.

The red marking on the fittings reminds that the system is NOT SUITABLE for the use with drinking water. 

Value for money, lightness, practicality and speed of use make carbon steel press fittings FRABOPRESS C-STEEL the ideal product in the installations of closed circuit heating/cooling systems, closed circuit water/fire prevention systems (sprinkler), distribution of inert gases and compressed air.

Frabopress C-Steel Securfrabo

Frabopress C-Steel Securfrabo V

Frabopress C-Steel Securfrabo M

Frabopress C-Steel Securfrabo M

Frabopress C-steel big size

Frabopress C-Steel Big-Size



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