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Founded in 1969 by Bonetti brothers, FRA.BO S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer of fittings made of copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, bronze and other materials for plumbing installations.

FRABO has a production plant in Italy which produces, with the most advanced equipment and technologies, press-fittings, soldering fittings compression and threade fittings. 60 million pieces are manufactured and exported all over the world every year, composing a catalogue of 5000 articles. FRABO is a company  deeply linked to the territory, and having chosen not only to go on manufacturing in Italy, but also to produce quality products and to compete with important international players on the global market.

FRABO continuosly invests in Research & Development, Quality and Communication in order to diversify products, improve customer service, and open new markets.

The activity takes place in two working units:

  • Bordolano (CR): production departments, quality, raw materials warehouse, technical offices;
  • Quinzano d’Oglio (BS): finished goods warehouse, sales and administrative offices. 
Macchinari Frabo


Every product is carefully designed and prototyped with the aid of CAD/CAM 3D systems, as well as the equipment required for its implementation. The product quality is guaranteed by the constant attention dedicated to the production cycles and by the definition and respect of rigorous standards.

The quality of the products and production processes is inextricably linked to customer service and assistance. Here at FRABO, standard production is flanked by departments dedicated to developing solutions or specific skills to meet our clients’ needs and create a true partnership. With an eye on the future, we continuously invest on expanding our storage abilities and the reliability of our logistics.

Our next challenge: building next to our production facility in Bordolano (CR) a vertical warehouse (MAV) and logistical hub to match our constant growth and provide our clients with the right product at the right time.




The route planning that leads to Total Quality Management is part of FRABO consolidation and development philosophy, the very essence towards customer’s satisfaction.

For FRABO quality includes many aspects: suppliers, materials, products, production process, logistic, after sales service. FRABO’s quality system is certified ISO 9001 and our vocation is to work for the continuous improvement of quality standards. Our production is subject to continuous tests and inspections, both internal and by certifying bodies.

Our products comply with the more demanding standards and worksheets in terms of safety and are certified in all target markets.

Raccordi in rame FRABO
  • Raccordi a pressare Frabo


    FRABO’s press technique provides clear advantages:  speed, safety, convenience.

    FRABO proposes solutions for different fields of applications: domestic water, heating and cooling, gas, solar, fire, as well as other applications, from buildings to industrial and naval installations.

    Frabo offers a wide range and variety of fittings and systems (pipe + fittings) in different materials, both in M and V Profile

    Examples of FRABO’s know-how and innovation in press fittings are:

    • FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO, the first and only press fitting with O-ring suitable both for WATER and GAS
    • SECURFRABO, the security system patented by FRABO for installations with water
    • BIG-SIZE range, conceived in particular for large civil and industrial installations
    • SOLARPRESS, designed for installations with solar panels


  • Raccordi a saldare Frabo


    FRABO solder fittings are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are adapted to all types of soft welding and strong brazing with all the main soldering/brazing alloys available on the market.

    They are suitable for all types of installations for domestic water, heating and gas.

    FRABO offers a wide and complete range with diameters from 6 mm to 133 mm and a large variety of solutions for installers.

    A special attention has been given to some application fields:

    • FRABO MED: for medical installations
    • FRABO FRIO:  fittings in inches for VRV, VRF air-conditioning installations and similar 
    • FRABO G-SIZE: with increased wall thickness for installations subject to high operating pressure and severe mechanical stress. 


  • Raccordi filettati Frabo


    The compression brass fittings with special O-Ring are suitable for installations with water and gas.

    The compression fittings with brass olive are highly effective for jointing copper pipe with fitting, thanks to the mechanical fastening and metallic tightening.

    For this reason, they are suitable for many applications in civil installations and can be used even under severe operating conditions or high temperature (i.e. solar applications).

    The threaded fittings are made of high quality brass and represent a simple but of absolute quality solution. In the chromed variant they acquire an aesthetic value which makes them particularly suitable for installations at sight.

    The threaded fittings in bronze with low lead content, thanks to the resistance to corrosion of the material, represent an excellent choice in terms of quality and hygiene.