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  • Fratelli Bonetti


    Five brothers, Vittorino, Francesco, Giuseppe, Battista and Santo Bonetti, set up the company "Fonderia Fratelli Bonetti", starting the production of fittings and taps for heating and plumbing industries.

  • Frabo Sede produttiva


    Fra.Bo snc, FRAtelli BOnetti, is set up with its registered office in Bordolano (CR) and starts to enter the market selling its branded fittings, until then produced for third parties.  

  • Tubi di rame


    Fra.Bo S.p.A is established. The company evolution focuses on the use of all the non ferrous metals for the production of fittings to be used for plumbing and sanitary  installation. In just seven years from beginning, where only bronze solder fittings were produced, Fra.Bo can also supply brass and copper fittings.

  • Macchinari FRABO


    Thanks to the investiment in new production lines, Fra.Bo stops importing copper end feed fittings.

  • Evoluzione macchinari FRABO


    The turning point year. The second generatio takes over the management.  A new investment in the production line of Copper and Bronze Press fitting is completed. FRABOPRESS is proudly launched and it's a shake in the plumbing business: it is the only Press fittings line in the world with an O-Ring suitable both for Gas and Water.

  • Frabo Sede Legale


    Fra.Bo's growth is constant and Bordolano site is too small.  Fra.Bo moves the warehouse, management, commercial and administrative offices in the new premises in Quinzano d'Oglio.

  • Progettazione raccordi INOX


    The new investment in carbon steel and stainless steel press fittings production line is completed. FRABOPRESS C-STEEL and FRABOPRESS 316 are launched on the market. 

  • Linea produttiva raccordi rame

    2009 - 2011

    The catalogue offer is enlarged and a new range with solder inches fittings.

    The production site of Bordolano is expanded with two new buildings and Bordolano becomes the heart of Fra.Bo: production, raw materials warehouse, technical, quality and R&D departments.

  • Frabo Sede Produttiva Bordolano


    Construction of a new building in Bordolano to strengthen the production of steel fittings.

    New machinery and INDUSTRY 4.0.

  • Bonomi Group


    Bonomi Group, leader in the industrial sector of hydraulics and heating specialized in the production of components for the regulation and interception of fluids and gases, acquires 100% of Fra.Bo S.p.A.