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The winner is the one who makes life easier for people and intercepts the change in advance.
this is called innovation.

Innovation means meet the expectations of our customers and anticipate the market demands.

Some examples:


FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO is the only press fitting system that allows the double use for GAS and WATER.


Two different marks (Yellow for Gas and Blue for Water as per UNI 11065 standard), both present on the fitting, distinguish and characterise this great innovation.

The elastomeric gasket is tested and certified according to EN549 (gas applications) and EN681 (water applications) and it is fully suitable for contact with drinking water according to the regulations in force.


FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO offers many advantages.

  1. Universal fitting
  2. Halving of stock
  3. Simplification of code management
  4. Speed of operation
  5. Elastomeric gasket tested and certified
  6. Double yellow / blue marking
  7. Certified quality
  8. Safety: it is impossible to exchange the water connections with those of the gas. Moreover, all FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO fittings are equipped with SECURFRABO, the safety system patented by FRABO. 


Frabopress Securfrabo
Securfrabo System


Distraction, excessive hurry and lack of organisation on the worksite increase the risk of leaking of the installation. SECURFRABO is the system patented by FRABO for a fast and practical installation of press fittings.

If fitting is not pressed; the particular shape of the O-Ring immediately shows the water leakage.

The convenience of the system is granted: the installation is prepared and pressed, the water flows into the system and, if there is a leak, it means the fitting has not been pressed.

Thanks to SECURFRABO the non-pressed joints are immediately visible and Secufrabo allows a prompt and timely intervention before or during the final test. This one can be done both with water and with compressed air.