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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision Frabo


Fra.Bo’s mission is to be recognized among the leading companies in the production of fittings and joining systems for plumbing installations. 

Fra.Bo means a history of success based on passion, courage and innovation research. Well aware of these values, Fra.Bo is constantly engaged to work so that every person feels an integral part of the innovation process and contribute to the final goal. 

Our challenge is to bring forward the values and qualities that have enabled us to be what we are today.

Our philosophy is to find the appropriate solutions to enable us to improve and to relate with professionalism, expertise and passion to all our customers.

Working with passion and making choices that promote human resources and innovation are the goals that guide us and are part of our vision: PASSION AND EXPERIENCE FOR INNOVATION. 

  • Mission & vision Frabo
  • Mission & vision Frabo
  • Mission & vision Frabo

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