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Social commitment

Frabo has consistently maintained as a flagship its profound bond with the territory.

We are conscious of our ethic and professional responsibility towards the community.

Community represents for us all the relationship with public and private organisations, corporations or associations, which are affected by our activity, directly or indirectly.

We think we are responsible to give back to Community part of the values we receive from it.

Associating our name with events of a distinctive social ideology constitutes an integral part of our way of doing business.

Impegno sociale Frabo
PMI DAY Frabo 2014

We are currently involved in several activities including the following:

  • Sponsorship of associations such as “I bambini delle Fate” (www.ibambinidellefate.it), a non-profit reality that funds social projects for children and young people with autism and disabilities.
  • Sponsorship of local sporting events.
  • Research and cooperation activities with schools and universities, such as the PMI DAY, the national day which opens the doors of our Company to students’ visits and meetings in order to show how the business of the company is performed, how the products are manufactured and describe career opportunities.
  • Sponsorship of Women Leaders Prize. This important recognition is given by EWMD - European Women's Management Development International Network, the association present in 14 countries in Europe and in the rest of the world and which has always been committed to a greater gender balance in the workplace, for increasing the number of women in job positions of responsibility and for a work-life balance more sustainable.