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Frabopress Securfrabo vs. Solarpress

They are both copper and bronze press fittings. The difference between FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO fittings and SOLARPRESS fittings is the installed O-Ring, which has specific characteristics. These characteristics make the series suitable for different applications.

Frabopress Securfrabo

Frabopress securfrabo

FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO is the only press fitting system in copper and bronze allowing the double use for gas and water

FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO is equipped with  SECURFRABO, the security patented system by FRABO. If fitting is not pressed the particular shape of the O-Ring immediately shows the water leakage. 


O-Ring material: HNBR

O-Ring color: Yellow

O-Ring min/max temperature: -30° / +95° C




Drinking water / Sanitary water / Heating / Cooling / Gas / Compressed air / Fire prevention / Other...



FRABO SOLARPRESS is the line of press fittings made of copper and bronze for high temperatures and particularly heavy conditions. It is ideal in the installation of systems for solar panels, high temperature water distribution, stoves and low-pressure steam systems. 

SOLARPRESS can withstand operating temperatures up to 160°C with peaks up to 200°C for short periods. 

FKM_verdeO-ring material: FKM

O-Ring color: Green

O-Ring min/max temperature: +160° C (peaks up to 200°C for short periods)




Solar / Steam

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