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Frabopress Securfrabo: a "unique" system for the maximum safety and durability

Frabopress Securfrabo

In gas systems and drinking or sanitary water systems, the preservation of high-quality standards in the long term is a fundamental factor: these systems have to last and keep their efficiency even many years after their installation. Moreover, drinking and sanitary water systems must have high-purity levels during the installation test but it is necessary to maintain this purity over time. This is true even for concealed installation.

Among the main causes, which influence negatively the purity and quality of drinking and sanitary water, there are elements as proliferation of bacteria, stagnation or the variation and stay of temperature at not recommended ranges (the proliferation of bacteria happens at precise levels of temperature: in cold water systems should not be more than 25°C, in hot water systems should not be less than 55°C.)

In order to avoid impurity or unsanitary conditions, it is fundamental to have installations with high-quality materials and technical solution for pipes and fittings but even for O-Rings.

Frabo, who knows how is important to comply with purity and reliability requirements, offers a complete range of copper press fittings with the SECURFRABO safety system: a patented elastomeric O-Ring, thanks to which every not-pressed fitting can be immediately detected.   



It is important to highlight the material of FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO range: the chosen copper has a purity of 99.90%, so it does not contain additives or other compounds, which could contaminate the inside, fluid. In contact with water, rich of oxygen, copper produce a thin film of copper oxide, which prevents the dispersion of metal ions and guarantees the protection against point corrosion.   

The applications of this material are not limited only to drinking and sanitary water: copper is suitable for gas installations in compliance with UNI 7129, which require metal pipes and for conditioning and cooling systems because this material is an excellent conductor of heath and it is compatible with different conditioning gas.

According to this, copper is surely a great choice for fittings production, thanks to the large amount of possible applications.

o-ring securfrabo - yellow

As already mentioned, for the reliability of a system and for the purity of the drinking or sanitary water inside, it is fundament not only the choice of high-quality materials: even the O-Rings inside the fittings influences the “life” of the system.

Frabo is aware of this and for these reasons developed a revolutionary and unique gasket, perfect for FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO fittings: the yellow Securfrabo O-Ring.

This special O-Ring is equipped with the Securfrabo Safety System and it is designed in HNBR but with a particular material compound, purpose-developed for water and gas installations.

Min/max temperature O-rings

The material mixture, different from those of the ordinary HNBR O-Rings, guarantees the durability of the system in all the possible applications and a complete hygienic safety, essential for drinking or sanitary water systems. 

certified quality

The yellow SECURFRABO O-Ring reliability is certified by the compliance with EN681-1 standard (which defines the physical and mechanical characteristics of the elastomers suitable for drinking and not drinking water systems up to 110°C) and EN549 (which defines the physical and mechanical characteristics of the elastomers suitable for gas installation at temperatures between -20°C and +70°C).

In Italy, this gasket is certified for the use in drinking water systems: it complies with the requirements of the nr. 174 Ministerial Order of 6TH April 2004 of Ministry of Health.     

Moreover, all FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO fittings comply with class 1 of UNI EN 11065 (water applications) and class 2 (gas applications) as it is underlined by the double mark on each piece of the range: the blue and the yellow one.

The bronze threads of the range comply with UNI EN 10226-1 standard. 

Besides, the durability and hygienic safety of FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO fittings are certified by the German certification authority DVGW, who tested with great success the product for all the allowed applications (drinking water and gas) and by the Belgian certification authority ARGB (Association Royale des Gaziers Belges), who confirmed the correct performances of FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO fittings in gas applications.

Therefore, with Frabo it is no longer necessary to have specific fittings for gas and water installations: the UNIQUE fitting of FRABOPRESS SECURFRABO range is perfect for both the applications, with the guarantee of purity of the inside fluids and durability of the installation at temperatures between -30° and +95°.

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