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Pressing tools: differences between press jaws and press collars

The correct installation of a plant needs high-quality material fittings, like Frabo fittings, but even efficient and correctly kept pressing tools. The differences between press jaws and press collars are briefly explained here below: 


press jaws

Press jaws wrap the fitting ends where the O-ring is located, thanks to their symmetric hollow parts.

They are secured to the press machine, which, by pushing with an electrohydraulic cylinder on the extreme parts of the press jaws, exercises a deformation force. This one generates a permanent and indivisible junction between tube and fitting.

The generated pressure, by compressing the inside O-ring, assures tightness, even in the case of pressurized liquid.


Catena adattatore pressatrice

press collars

Press collars are different from the press jaws because they are composed by 3 bent parts. Every part is linked with the others by hinges, which make possible to completely wrap the fitting.

Their use is associated to suitable adapters. The adapter is secured on the machine and then locked on the press collar.

The use of press collars is recommended to press fittings with diameter larger than 35 mm because of their: 

  • better distribution of force
  • simple handling during the placement around the fitting
  • more uniform and efficient deformation of the fitting 


Chains, press jaws, adapters and equipment must be subjected to periodic maintenance by a specialized center as specified in the installation standards.

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