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Test of sprinkler systems realized with press fittings

Collaudo impianti sprinkler

There are two typology of sprinkler systems: wet pipe or dry pipe.

In a wet pipe sprinkler system, there is in a continuous presence of water in the system, on the contrary, in a dry pipe system, the water is introduced only when the system is activated.

The environmental conditions influence the choice of the typology of system. A wet pipe system is not recommended in low-temperature environments, because the water in the system could freeze.

According to their typology, wet pipe or dry pipe, there are different types of test for sprinkler systems.

sprinler Water test

For wet pipe system, the test must last 120 minutes and it is necessary to use water.

During this period, water is put inside the system. The temperature difference between the environment and the water must be less than 10° C.

The pressure of the water must be the highest between 15 bar and 1,5 times the maximum working pressure of the system.

If, during the period of test, the pressure remains constant (Δp = 0), the test of the system is completed with success.

sprinkler Air test

For dry pipe systems, it is necessary to test them using air. The test must last 24 hours.

As in the water test, the temperature difference between the environment and the fluid involved in the test must be less than 10° C.

The fluid pressure must be greater than or equal to 2,5 bar.

The pressure gauge must have a sensitivity of 0,1 bar.

If, at the end of the test, there is a pressure drop Δp less than or equal to 0,15 bar, the test of the system is completed with success.

C-Steel fittings

frabopress c-steel press fittings

For the installation of fire prevention systems, FRABO offers FRABOPRESS C-STEEL SECURFRABO series: a complete range of press fittings made of C-Steel.

SECURFRABO is the system patented by FRABO for a fast and practical installation of press fittings. If fitting is not pressed; the particular shape of the O-Ring immediately shows the water leakage.

The convenience of the system is granted: the installation is prepared and pressed, the water flows into the system and, if there is a leak, it means the fitting has not been pressed.

The sealing test can be done both with water and with compressed air. Even in this condition the SECURFRABO system allows the immediate identification of the unpressed joint and allows intervention before or during the execution of the final test.

We remind that the EN 12845 standard is the refence for the installation of sprinkler fire prevention system.

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