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The luxury resort Les Arc Panorama has opened in December 2018. It is situated in Les Arcs 1600, a part of one of the biggest ski area in the world, called Paradiski®, not far from Bourg-St-Maurice in France. Modern architecture, the incredible view, the wonderful Cinq Monde spa, with heated indoor and outdoor pools, Jacuzzi, hamman and fitness rooms are the “diamonds” of this place.

Located in the center of a 300-year-old pine forest, Les Arcs is one-of-a-kind ski area in Europe with 200 Km of blue and red ski slopes. It has 54 ski lifts, which reach 3226 m. Les Arcs develops on five areas: 

  • Bourg Saint Maurice: a wonderful village, located on the outskirts of Mont Blanc massif, at the foot of renowned Alpine passes (Iseran, Petit Saint Bernard, Roselend);
  • Arc 1600: located in terraces, perfect place for families, it is connected to Bourg Saint Maurice by a cable railway;
  • Arc 1800: composed by four car-free villages, on the edge of the forest, with an amazing view on Haute-Tarentaise, Arc 1800 is located in the center of Paradiski;
  • Arc 1950: a little village with five-star wonderful resorts, opposite to Mont Blanc;

  • Arc 2000: its position, in the middle of the mountains, offers a direct access to slopes and to Aiguille Rouge peak, at 3226 m.


Club Med Les Arc Panorama has chosen FRABOPRESS 316 stainless steel fittings and pipes for its hydraulic heating and sanitary water distribution system.

Stainless steel has been the winning choice to convey drinking water, in order to guarantee absolute hygiene and purity.

Besides, the use of stainless steel pipes and fittings assures the maximum protection from corrosive phenomena and condensation.

It is a big installation, so the option of the pressing technique has been perfect to save time and work in safety.

It takes from 5 to 40 seconds, according to the diameter, to press a junction and at the end, it is not necessary to wait but it is possible to start immediately with the tests of the installation.

Besides, with big diameters, the timesaving of pressing is estimated in over 50% more than soldering.

In addition, thanks to SECURFRABO patented security system (for fittings with diameter < 54mm) it is possible to check immediately not-pressed points and take action by reducing the chance of errors or forgetfulness, which can affect the tightness of the installation over time.

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