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BIM Frabo


Digitalization of building world is becoming always more a reality.

To give a digital version of products by using BIM (Building Information Modeling) means to make them accessible to designers all over the world, but even to accelerate the drawing up of reports for tenders, to spread easily and rapidly technical information of the product, to include simply the components in the drafts from a global perspective.

With its look projected toward future, FRABO can not miss this transformation, a digitalization which touches all the company production processes.


For this reason, FRABO, in the year of its 50th anniversary, has decided to launch its BIM project, in collaboration with the world’s leading BIM OBJECT platform.

Che cos'è il BIM?

What is BIM?

BIM (acronym of “Building Information Modeling”) is a process of creation and management of a model, which contains all information concerning the lifecycle of a building, from design and construction to demolition and dismantling. 

The BIM core is collaboration of the various entities involved in the steps of the lifecycle of a facility, in order to have always updated BIM information in all the areas.

Thanks to BIM, it is possible to create a virtual model of a building with the 3D representation but even including a large amount of information regarding installations, maintenance, costs, dimensions, safety, geometries, structures…

FRABO is proud to be part of this model, which allows building and all the related sectors to enter a new era of digitalization: a true revolution. 

Il BIM Frabo


FRABO has decided to launch stainless steel FRABOPRESS 316 SECURFRABO V and carbon steel FRABOPRESS C-STEEL SECURFRABO V ranges first: two ranges suitable for many fields of application, made with logics of Industry 4.0 and high-quality raw material.

By downloading single objects, it will be possible to have a 3D representation, but even technical information in a click! Sign in and start your experience with the BIM objects of FRABO!

From the home page of the company web site, it is possible to go to BIM section to download all the models of FRABOPRESS 316 SECURFRABO V and FRABOPRESS C-STEEL SECURFRABO V ranges.

revit: To work with BIM models of FRABO objects is easy with the tutorial!

Once registered, it is easy to download and add FRABO objects to your projects: look at the tutorial and start to design with our fittings!

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