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Steel pipes requirements for use with press fittings

Steel press fittings

In order to be used in a press fittings installation, stainless or unalloyed steel pipes must comply with specific requirements related to:

  • chemical composition
  • dimensional tolerances
  • minimal wall thickness
  • heat treatment
  • superficial refinishing.

The correct storage is essential because it has not to influence negatively on the esthetical and functional characteristics of the product. Even the attention during the transport of the pipes bundles is very important because possible deformations can compromise the correct tightness of the junctions.     

The typologies of steel pipes, which can be used in press fittings installation, are listed here below:

Tubi in acciaio inox


Stainless steel pipes for press fittings installations must comply with UNI EN 10312standard.

AISI 304 (EN 1.4301) and AISI 316 (EN 1.4401) steels (with low carbon content variations) are more used than the others because of their characteristics of:

  • corrosion resistance
  • mechanical resistance
  • suitability for contact with drinkable water
  • workability

It is always necessary to control the technical purchasing documents before using the materials. 

Tubi in acciaio al carbonio


Carbon steel pipes for press fittings installation must comply with 
UNI EN 10305-3 standard.

Because of the lesser corrosion resistance, they are more used in presence of limited or negligible internal (closed circuit systems) or external (not exposed to the weather plants) corrosion risks. Those pipes are particularly appreciated in installations where the economic factor is particularly important.

In any case, they can not be used in drinkable water systems.    

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