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Frabopress GAS

Frabopress GAS

FRABOPRESS GAS is the press-fitting system made of copper and bronze with yellow HNBR O-Ring suitable for domestic installations of Natural Gas and LPG. The special O-Ring ensures a total tightness of the joint tube-press fitting and it is certified according to EN549

FRABOPRESS GAS range is available in different shapes and sizes are for an easier, quicker and safe installation. FRABOPRESS GAS fittings are made of copper CW024A and of high-quality bronze alloy with low-lead content and complying with the strictest European standards.

For more detailed information on products installation and fields of application, it is necessary to refer to the technical data sheets available in the DOWNLOAD section of the website.

Profilo_V V Profile diametro From 12 to 54 mm

Rame_CW024A Copper CW024A

Bronzo Bronze

dvgw  izv argbinig


HNBR Yellow -20° / +70° C HNBR_gialla

Pipes to be used

Copper pipes for sanitary installations according to EN 1057

Standards compliance

  • EN 1775
  • UNI 11528
  • UNI 7129
  • UNI EN 11065
  • UNI EN 1412
  • UNI EN 1982
  • UNI EN 549



GAS: Indicates that the product is suitable for gas supply systems

PN: Followed by a pressure value in bars, indicates the max. operating pressure for gas installations

GT: Followed by a pressure value in bars, indicates that the part can withstand that pressure for 30 minutes at 650°C with an allowable leak of less than 30dm³/hour (UNI 11065)

  Fields of application Pmax
gas GAS 5 -20°/+70°C
  • Gaskets can be fitted without welding, eliminating the risk of fire in more hazardous situations (working in older buildings, furnished rooms, etc.)
  • No need for dangerous gas pumps or containers, completely eliminating the need to make the connections required by law
  • Elimination of all welding materials, with inevitable cost benefits
  • Junctions free from burning or rings with an excellent immediate visual impact
  • Integrity of pipe insulation thanks to the absence of heat sources
  • Increased wall thickness to ensure the reliability and durability of junctions and fittings
  • Secure pipe-to-fitting connection thanks to the cylindrical guide on fittings both in front of and behind the O-ring
  • Polygon-shaped press designed to ensure maximum resistance to traction and torsion stresses
  • Precision cleaning of internal surfaces to eliminate oily residues due to processing and to ensure protection against rust under all operating conditions
  • pdf
    1- Technical Data Sheet - Frabopress GAS
  • pdf
    2- Data Sheet - Frabopress GAS
  • pdf
    3- Technical Catalogue Frabopress GAS
  • pdf
    4- Certification ARGB-KVBG - Frabopress GAS Bronze
  • pdf
    5- Certification ARGB-KVBG - Frabopress GAS Copper
  • pdf
    6- Certification DVGW - Frabopress GAS
  • pdf
    7- Certification Institut Za Varilstvo - Frabopress GAS
  • pdf
    8- Installation tools approved by Frabo


Dimensions Manufacturer Pressing Tool Jaws/Chains
12-28 mm Novopress AFP101 (9.6 V)
ACO102 (12V)
PB1 jaws FB and V profiles: 12-28 mm (AFP101/ACO102) 
12-54 mm Novopress

ECO201/202/203 (230V)
ACO1 Pressboy (12V)
ACO3 Pressmax (12V)
ACO201 (12V)
ACO202/203 (18V)
EFP2 (230V)
AFP201/202 (14,4V)
ACO202XL (18V)
ACO203XL (18V)

PB2 ECOTEC jaws FB and V profiles: 12-35 mm

Frabo chains 42 and 54 mm (with ZB201/203 adaptor)

"Snap on" chains Frabo 42 and 54 mm (with ZB201/ZB203 adaptor)

42-54 mm Novopress ECO301 (230V)
ECO3 Pressmax (230V)

Frabo chains 42 and 54 mm (with ZB302/ZB303 adaptor)

"Snap on" chains Frabo 42 and 54 mm (with ZB303 adaptor)

12-28 mm Rothenberger Romax Compact Romax Compact jaws: 12-28 mm 
12-54 mm Rothenberger Romax 3000
Romax 4000
Romax AC ECO

Rothenberger jaws: SV1 12-54 mm

"Snap on" chains SV42 and SV54 mm (with ZBS1 adaptor) 

12-28 mm Klauke Mini (9,6V)
MAP2L Klauke Mini (18V)
Klauke mini jaws 12-28 mm (KSP4) or 28 mm jaw (KSP4) 
12-54 mm Klauke UAP2 (12V)
UNP2 (230V)
UP75 (12V)
UAP3L (18V)
UAP4 (12V)
UAP4L (18V)
Klauke jaws: 12-35 (KSP4) and 42-54 chains (KSP4) with SBK4254 adaptor Novopress chains: 42-54 mm and ZB201/ZB203 adaptor
12-35 mm REMS Mini Press ACC (12V) REMS Mini Press jaws: 12-28 mm
12-54 mm REMS Powerpress (2000) (230V)
Powerpress E (230V)
Powerpress ACC (230V)
Akku-Press (12V)
Akku-Press ACC (12V)

REMS Press jaws: 12-35 mm

Novopress jaws PB2 12-35 mm and 42- 54 mm chains (with ZB201/ZB203 adaptor)

12-54 mm Ridgid RP 10-S (230V)
RP 300 (230V)
RP 300-B (12V)
RP 10-B (12V)
Ridgid jaws: 12-54 mm
12-54 mm Viega Typ2
Akku Press - Handy
Viega PT2 jaws: 12-54 mm

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