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Copper endfeed fittings for high operating pressure


FRABO G-SIZE is the copper endfeed fittings series with increased thickness designed and manufactured for welded joints installations subject to high operating pressure or severe mechanical stress. FRABO G-SIZE complies with the requirements of  EN 1254-1 and it is ideal for industrial refrigeration plants; compressed air systems; distribution of technical gases with high pressures. 

FRABO G-SIZE copper solder fittings are explicitly designed for withstanding higher operating pressures and heavier working conditions than those that can be handled by common solder fittings

For more detailed information on products installation and fields of application, it is necessary to refer to the technical data sheets available in the DOWNLOAD section of the website.

Saldatura Soldering (strong brazing)

diametro From 14 to 133 mm

spessore-maggiorato Increased thickness

Rame_CW024A Copper CW024A

Pipes to be used

Copper pipes for sanitary installations according to EN 1057

Standards compliance

  • UNI EN 1254-1
  • UNI EN 1412



The G mark immediately identifies the G-SIZE range

Fields of application
refrigerazione_industriale Industrial refrigeration
aria_compressa Compressed air systems
solare Solar
industriale Distribution of technical gases with high pressures

Compressor tandemization/connection


Maximum operating pressures allowable (Bar) ¹


S = Safety factor in reference to the burst pressure.

¹ Maximum pressures are based on an installation carried out using strong brazing according to applicable rules of good practice.

  • Withstanding higher operating pressures than those that can be handled by common solder fittings
  • Withstanding heavy working conditions such as in installations where there are intense mechanical vibrations or strain.
  • pdf
    1- Technical Data Sheet - FRABO G-SIZE
  • pdf
    3- Declaration of Conformity - FRABO G-SIZE

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