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Serie 5000 Copper Solder

Serie 5000 Copper Solder

FRABO copper solder fittings are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are adapted to all types of soft welding and strong brazing. They are suitable for a large number of civil and industrial installations: heating systems; hot and cold domestic water systems; cooling systems; gas installations; chilled water systems; compressed air; solar plants. 

All the copper solder fittings comply with the specifications of the standard EN1254-1. The entire range is manufactured within ISO 9001 quality system and it is certified  by Europe's leading certifying bodies attesting the product's suitability in domestic water, heating and gas installations.

For more detailed information on products installation and fields of application, it is necessary to refer to the technical data sheets available in the DOWNLOAD section of the website.

Saldatura Soldering diametro From 6 to 133 mm

Rame_CW024A Copper CW024A

dvgw nf zu izv

Pipes to be used

Copper pipes for sanitary installations according to EN 1057

Standards compliance

  • EN 1057
  • UNI EN 10226-1
  • UNI EN 1254-1
  • UNI EN 1412
  • UNI EN ISO 228-1
  Fields of application Pmax





Sanitary water

Drinking water



25 bar, -20°/+30°C (ø ≥ 6mm ≤ 54mm)

16 bar, -20°/+30°C (ø > 54mm ≤ 108mm)

25 bar, +31°/+65°C (ø ≥ 6mm ≤ 34mm)

16 bar, +31°/+65°C (ø > 34mm ≤ 108mm)

16 bar, +66°/+110°C (ø ≥ 6mm ≤ 34mm)

10 bar, +66°/+110°C (ø > 34mm ≤ 108mm)


Oil free compressed air
(residual oil < 5 mg/m³)

16 bar  (ø ≥ 6mm ≤ 54mm)

10 bar (ø > 54mm ≤ 108mm)

gas Gas 5 70°C
solare Solar    
industriale Industrial installations    

Maximum pressures and working temperatures are in accordance with EN 1254-1. Pressures are defined considering as joining method Brazing (EN ISO 17672).

For use in applications outside the scope of this table, the advice of the manufacturer should be asked. Intermediate pressure ratings shall be obtained by interpolation. Contact tech dept for further information.

  • FRABO SERIE 5000 offers diameters ranging from 6 mm to 108 mm, offering a wide variety of solutions for installers
  • All products are guaranteed for reliability and subject to continuous inspections and regular testing by certification bodies (DVGW, NF-CSTB, etc...)
  • The raw materials used are of the highest quality, as proven by certificates and attestations issued both by suppliers and by independent external laboratories
  • Fitting tolerances with copper pipe are carefully tested to guarantee an optimum fit and that all junctions are welded quickly and safely
  • Copper fittings undergo precision cleaning of their internal surfaces to eliminate oily residues due to processing and to ensure protection against rust under all operating conditions
  • pdf
    1- Technical Data Sheet - Frabo Serie 5000-4000
  • pdf
    2- Data Sheet - Frabo Endfeed
  • pdf
    3- Certification SZU - Serie 5000 - Serie 4000
  • pdf
    4- Certification NF - Frabo Serie 5000
  • pdf
    5- Certification Institut Za Varilstvo - Frabo Serie 5000
  • pdf
    6- Certification GOST - Frabo Serie 5000
  • pdf
    7- Certification DVGW - Frabo Serie 5000
  • pdf
    8- Declaration EN1254-1 - Frabo Serie 5000

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